How much we would miss if everything was the same

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As I sit here watching the same sky as you fade to night, I hope you know you matter. I hope you know you are loved. I hope you know you are just as important as any other. And I hope you challenge yourself as I plan to do, to connect with someone you may normally dismiss as “different.” Find yourself in their eyes, in the stride of their walk, in the way their lips curl into a smile. Find yourself in the way they tilt their head in thought, the way their heart beats faster after a loud noise, the way they push their hair back behind their head. Find yourself in each other, because that is the only way to find what’s real.

Every stranger is simply a friend you haven’t met yet

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I have come to realize we are all more similar than different. Our clothing may be different. We may have different shades of skin color. Use different money. Speak different languages. Some have plenty. Some not enough.

But we all bleed red. We all have same basic needs. To feel valued. Important. Loved. And we all respond to Gratitude. Human touch. And kindness.