What do you owe your parents?

something I often hear, the fact that we owe everything to our parents. Well, I tend to disagree. We didn’t choose to be born, we didn’t choose if we wanted to be born. They did. Our parents wanted children for their desire, for them. It is true that, as children, we need food, clothes, a roof, money for our studies. And they did everything to give us that.


Nobody actually f*cking cares

Dear Josephine..

I’ve never been one for hugely inflammatory or click-baity titles. I generally opt for Simpsons references and alliteration to attract readers, as it makes me feel smart and important. I can appreciate how the title “Nobody actually fucking cares” would seem to break this trend, as it alludes to Dan having regressed to the emotional state equivalent of putting Sum 41 lyrics in his MSN status; let me assure you though, this is an uplifting piece.

Of course people care. They care about their jobs; they care about their families; they apparently care about their eyebrows a lot these days for some reason. There are plenty of things in life worth caring about, and far be it from me to judge what those things may be for any given person.

What they probably do not care about, is you.

Oh sure, your Mum cares about you. Your siblings probably do…

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Should we be more open to rejection?

The Liberation Nation

Let go go of the attachment, keep the lesson.

– LJ Walker

Rejection is a major part of life we need to be more accepting of. It is only through rejection that we can build resilience and learn about ourselves. How many times have you been left heartbroken only to come out the other side with different perspectives on life and a stronger sense of self? We tend to feel embarrassed and hide it from each other to show we are cool. However in playing it cool you are in effect, already uncool. This constant need to hide our vulnerability and act ‘savage’ isn’t admirable and only amplifies our internal feelings of despair through isolation.

I think it’s important to be open with those close to you and you will be surprised at how much people can relate. It then feels a lot less intense to deal with. The person…

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Am I evil?

Struggling with Schizoaffective Disorder

Is a question that I ask myself quite a bit. I don’t do evil things, at least I think so. Yet I still can’t squash the conflict in my head as to whether or I not I am. I’ve always tried to be an extremely introspective person, ever since I discovered the meaning of the word. Whether I am successful in that conquest is not something I believe I’m qualified to answer. The question of my designation more than likely resides in the fact that I can’t mind my own business, and the fact I can’t leave a question unanswered.

Most humans see themselves as the hero in their own story. It’s extremely difficult for a person to accept that something was a result of their own actions, showcased specifically in car accidents. Sure, it’s an insignificant situation. Sometimes though, car crashes can be fatal. Especially drunk driving. Most car…

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A word on Disrespect

Oreokidronaldo, The Column

Around The Hype

I don’t like the word “deserve” (that’s probably a different discussion for a different day) but I believe that in this context it’s useful: You don’t deserve to tolerate actual disrespect.

Ok, but what does that mean? Like if you’re getting roasted and you’re just sitting there not trying to roast back, I’m not talking about your bitchass. Lol.

That’s not disrespect.

I mean that when someone takes you for granted and makes you feel like you’re replaceable or goes out of their way to make your life harder for their benefit. Disrespect.

I’m a strong believer in the “#WeAin’tShit” movement, maybe its not a thing and I just made it up right now, but it basically stands for everybody is of equal value, so that means nobody’s presence is that valuable that you should tolerate them making you feel less valuable.

Now if it was as easy as just…

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Thanks, But No Thanks

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Clever Girl Writes...

Do you ever have a difficult time handling compliments?

Yeah, not me.

Okay, that’s not completely true; I’m not very good with handling compliments when it comes to my writing. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them, it’s just that I get shy about it. I know, hard to believe I’d be shy, but… anyway, I find it difficult to respond with something other than a simple “thanks” or, “it’s appreciated”, and most likely without punctuation or an emoji, because if I add anything, it’ll feel like I’m fawning.

I really dislike it when anyone oozes with insincerity; I want to have a shower afterwards.

I like getting compliments that are original. If someone’s going to say, “You have beautiful hair” it’s boring, who cares? I’ve heard it a million times. Now if you said something like, “You have beautiful nose hair”, well now, that’s original.  

I would appreciate…

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