If you can’t find a right winger, you may be able to pretentiously talk to other lefties in a corner about books that you read once but don’t really understand

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Anyone who has gone to college knows that the only way to connect with a nonprofit is by a special summoning ceremony involving unicorn’s blood and a wishbone. The first step is to hold your horses and honestly think about what you’re doing. The second step is to contact whichever person was so dismissive about your idea of help that it made you want to stop talking to people altogether. That person actually, is the only person in your community who will know how to enact the ceremony. Email that person about your concerns and your desire to help, and then hold your breath until they get back to you.


I forgot wha t Iw as goingto post?


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Don’t be a grammar nazi. Be a drakkar noir stasi!

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