Doctor/Dentist Appointments that totally urk your ass!



Ok, so before we get started, if profanity, or the damn truth offends you, do not proceed.

So I’m a truth teller, I say how it is, without a sugar coat. So let’s get down to WTF? ? Have you ever had an appointment with a Doctor or Dentist, or any medical establishment, and sat in the most uncomfortable chair in a waiting room, with screaming kids, people sneezing and coughing like TB is free today for you and everyone. And it’s either too hot or it’s too cold, And the TV has some stupid pharmaceutical advertisement on, and then your phone dies, Not to mention the asshole who sits on their damn phone talking to Suzy from Minnesota, it’s like, hey, bitch, ” Shut the fuck up and take that shit outside” My fucking ass is falling asleep!! And then the thought of using the nasty bathroom, sends you…

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Thanks, But No Thanks

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Clever Girl Writes...

Do you ever have a difficult time handling compliments?

Yeah, not me.

Okay, that’s not completely true; I’m not very good with handling compliments when it comes to my writing. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them, it’s just that I get shy about it. I know, hard to believe I’d be shy, but… anyway, I find it difficult to respond with something other than a simple “thanks” or, “it’s appreciated”, and most likely without punctuation or an emoji, because if I add anything, it’ll feel like I’m fawning.

I really dislike it when anyone oozes with insincerity; I want to have a shower afterwards.

I like getting compliments that are original. If someone’s going to say, “You have beautiful hair” it’s boring, who cares? I’ve heard it a million times. Now if you said something like, “You have beautiful nose hair”, well now, that’s original.  

I would appreciate…

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