Odds are nobody will be reading it, so what’s the problem?

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As I was merrily working my way through my 100 Days of Cloud challenge, I was posting links to my articles across LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit, not many people really replied, but then something happened. There were a few people that would reply to me more than once, or I would spot the same few people liking my posts all the time, so guess what I did? I had a look at their profile and started to see what they were posting about and to my amazement, wow there were doing similar things to me, and no doubt they were probably battling with the same doubts, or barriers that I was dealing with. so, I liked their posts as well, I offered them words of support and encouragement.


Lazy rule: if you can’t reach it, you don’t actually need it

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I get bored very quickly and lose my interest more easily. I can’t invest feelings in people, simply because it’s not in my nature. Being chaotic and sometimes too unstable, it makes it so hard for someone to get under my skin and even harder to stay there.