I truly feel like I’m starting over but I can’t start because I don’t know where to, and this bout’s acceptance process has left me holistically exhausted, apathetically hopeless, and aimlessly wandering

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I have absolutely no desire to find a job in my career field and I lost the one person who fully knew and loved me throughout my life. What do I do with that? What, of value, do I even have left? I don’t know who I’m turning into but I know God can make something of her with however much time she has on earth.


Fuck With About

IDK what this site will be about, so fuck it.

The previous post is a good example of a sort of “fuck with” essay.

I hope to journal news stories — like maybe how they try to fuck with you.

Do you want to fuck with me? How so? Should we start a fuck with community / group?

Whatever. Time will tell. Never mind, just follow! 😉