When I’m 25, I want to look back and be proud of my decisions

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Growing up, my sister and I had to take care of ourselves because both our parents work. And after observing the dynamic at home, we formed our own opinions about the way relationships work. I guess that’s why, while I always say I wish I had someone I hold particularly dear to my heart, I’m completely okay with being on my own because I hate the thought of having to baby a man who isn’t in tune with his emotions, or one who is awfully insensitive. Spare me the anguish.


I have majorly upped my self-care game

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I realize that we are all a bit wounded. We carry our history in many ways; I carry mine scratched into my flesh and as ridiculous overthinking in my brain. Some of us can’t commit or don’t want to commit to anything serious because we have been so hurt by what life has handed to us. Some of us sublimate our pain and desires into other distractions–work, food, wine. Most of us think we are not worthy in some way because we are older, odd, or fail to meet society’s expectations.