2 thoughts on “I for one am glad I know the dangers and am so thankful I managed to get out the other side before another 5 years slipped away in a haze

  1. See also … the aftermath: “I felt like anything was possible”

    I felt humbled, at one with the world and like I’d reached a great pinnacle. I was proud to be an Ex-Addict (of one whole month) and wanted to share my wisdom with one and all. I felt my time to shine had come and I felt 100% unobstructed by petty substances.

    So I wrote another post about weed — ‘Weed, Schmeed’ — a follow up on my great success, and to celebrate (and perhaps test myself…) I bought myself — a big bag of weed.

    Because obviously I could take it or leave it now. Sheesh.

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  2. Thanks for this – I’m giving up weed free a 30 year love affair with it and am struggling to find much to support that compared to when I gave up alcohol – totally relate to the ‘another 5 years slipping by in a smoky haze’ xx

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