I advise you not to apply for jobs through LinkedIn and instead go directly to the company’s website or other job boards like Indeed or Glassdoor

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One advantage that I do utilize LinkedIn for is your ability to search a company and then look at the employees who are currently working there. You can find people in positions similar to what you are looking for and try to connect with them that way, or see if you have any mutual connections. Better yet, after finding these potential connections try going to the company’s website and looking at their leadership/team page and see if they leave their contact information. Do they have an email address listed? Is it a uniform format for each employee? If so, you can bet that if you use that email format with the person’s name that you found on LinkedIn you want to connect with that they will receive your email.


6 thoughts on “I advise you not to apply for jobs through LinkedIn and instead go directly to the company’s website or other job boards like Indeed or Glassdoor

  1. Hi Becca 🙂

    I am quoting you, not using you. Sharing information is an integral part of how the Internet works, and I feel you have made a significant contribution. Thank you for your help!


    1. I appreciate your admiration however using my exact words as the entirety of your post goes against the DMCA act and for that I have filed a takedown notice. WordPress has been notified and will contact you about taking my work off of your site. They may advise me to take legal action as well, so again I ask that you please take my work off of your website as I never gave you permission to use my copyrighted material.


  2. Unfortunately, Becca seems to have erased her entire blog. IDK why WP decided to take down my post (seeing as I did nothing wrong — Becca’s accusation was in fact unfounded). But seeing as her own source blog is also no longer available, the result for the Internet is mostly 1 less dead link. In case anyone wants more information related to Becca’s warnings WRT LinkedIn (and her insightful workaround tips), feel free to get in touch with me directly. I feel sorry for Becca, because she seems to have been a diligent student and worker, and also working to make improvements in her field. I see this as simply another step back for her. Perhaps she will relaunch a new website soon, and I will gladly support her to my best ability with her ongoing and future work.


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